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What Is The Network?

Sales Leader Network is a community of pre-vetted, high-quality sales professionals who want to stay on top of their game, keep pushing past their targets and grow in their careers by having access to other top performing sales leaders, jobs and training.

How it works?


Fill in the application process and pass our screening process. You will be tested on your sales skills and English fluency.

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Once you join, you will be able to access all of our training materials for free to learn the best practices to keep growing as a professional.


We will provide you access to our exclusive remote sales jobs that are only available to our pre-vetted sales leaders.

Traditional Employment

Sales Leaders Network

Apply to Numerous Jobs
Search job boards, career websites, and tap into your network to find available positions within your skill set.


Submit Your Application
Once you’ve applied, you’ll see every step of the process, with a point of contact who can answer all your questions and keep you updated on your status.

Wait to Hear Back
Once your applications are submitted, wait for HR personnel to reach out or automated emails to understand whether you might be a fit.


Screening Process
You’ll demonstrate expertise in your field through an online test, take part in a live problem-solving session, and complete a project.

Multiple Application Assignments
Many companies require assignments to further narrow down the scope of candidates for a role, usually to be completed unpaid and under tight deadlines.


Work with Top Clients
Congratulations! As the newest member of The Network, our team will help set get the most of your membership and let you know about available jobs.

Continuous Interviews
Each company requires several rounds of interviews to test your communication skills, technical expertise, and whether you’d be a good fit for the team.


Wait for Offers
After completing your interviews, it could take several weeks to hear back from companies about your candidature.


Your offers are usually open to negotiating everything from base salary and bonus, to vacation days and the flexibility to work remotely.


Sign Offer
Accept the offer and agree on a start date. At this stage, companies may also conduct background checks.


Select jobs from our network

Explore some of the exciting remote sales jobs with leading our European and global clients.

B2B Sales Development Rep

We are an A2A (account-to-account) payment infrastructure provider with a goal to revolutionize costly card payments by linking directly to customers’ bank accounts without using any third-party providers. We are looking for B2B SDRs to join our fast-growing team.
Project Information

Full time





B2B Sales Development Rep

We built a leading product that helps companies translate their products and content to native languages worldwide. We are looking for an SDR who will help prospects to see how we can increase their productivity, bring down the costs and shorten time to market.
Project Information

Full time






"I would recommend a startup experience to anyone. The freedom in a small business allowed me to take up plenty of responsibilities in the company’s sales process and gave me valuable insights into how a startup is run. Also, the income of salespeople is no joke."

Emilis Gorbaciovas
Account Manager at NO-CV

"I was one of those people who said I'll never work in sales. However, after my first B2B sales job in a startup, I’ve realized that everything is completely different than I imagined. It is more about problem-solving than selling. And what is more rewarding than seeing your customer happy."

Indre Gintautaite
SDR at

"Working previously in one of the 70V startups helped me grow exponentially. The guys from the incubator and awesome founders provided me with all the support that helped me get to know how a business starts and scales as well as learn the basics of sales, team management, and so on."

Kipras Daugirdas
Account Manager at Squalio

"Without a doubt, working in a startup comes with its own grins and bears. But they (as hard as they might be) help to grow at incredible speed as a specialist and as a human being in general. I learn and improve every day in matters that I couldn't begin to imagine before."

Gabriele Laukaityte
Sales Operations at Oveo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

The application process consists of two parts: online application and a video task.

What are the requirements to join the network?
  • You're a top performing SDR, BDR, Account Executive or Sales Leader.
  • You speak English fluently.
  • Join a community of personal & professional growth-oriented people with a training intensive culture that inspires you to learn, grow and lead by example.
  • You're interested in being part of the vetted top performing sales community.